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Welcome To Ramses College For Girls! RCG is one of the Synod Schools for girls only.

RCG provides an outstanding education in a happy environment.

2-girlsRCG supports good manners respect for and tolerance of others aiming or developing a unique person able to compete nationally and internationally.



Why Choose Us

Ramses College vision is the continuous development of the educational process aiming at developing an all round personality 

Its continuous success is due to the service and dedication of its staff

R.C.G provides a national and an international system of education (IGCSE)

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Principal speech

R.C.G. is proud of its reputation as a happy and caring community with a tradition of high.

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Mission Statement

Mission-statementThe Nile Synod Missionary Evangelical Schools provide outstanding upbringing educational and scientific services that aim at building up an integral man capable of positive and effective participation in the society.

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